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Adult Team Tennis


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REGISTER (by Fri, Sept. 2)

TEAMS are compromised of at least 4 men and 4 women.  3 men and 3 women will play in each match so you will need some subs.

Each player pays $25 for the season.  This includes the organization of the matches and the tournament in which each team gets to participate.  Format is an 8 game pro set w/ no ad.  Winning team is the team with the most matches won.

1st Round:

#1 Men's Singles 

#1 Women' s Singles

#1 Men's Doubles

#1 Women's Doubles

2nd Round:

#1 Mixed Doubles

#2 Men's Doubles

#2 Women's Doubles

Play is on Sundays at 1:30pm to approx. 3:30pm. 

SEE below for the Player Info:

HAT Doubles Challenge



Friday, Sept 6, 2019 from 6:00-8pm

What:   Southern Illinois Tennis Association will be hosting a "Hat Challenge" on Friday, Sept. 6, 2019.  This is a SITA Doubles event, Fundraiser and  Community Tennis Social. 

Registration:  There will be no pre-registration. Players may register at the Carbondale High School Courts from 5:45-6:00 p.m on Friday.  

Registration fee is $15/person or $25/couple. 

Format:  Match play begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m.   At 6:00 p.m., player names will be sorted into higher and lower level players, drawn from a hat, and paired to play. Teams will have 20 minutes of match play, then partners will split and gain new partners, repeating every 20 minutes. Players keep count of the number of games won. 

Prizes:  Prizes will be awarded at the end of match play to the players with the most games won.   There will also be a prize given for the best HAT worn. so be creative!  

Tennis Social to Follow:  At 8:30pm we will enjoy a tennis community social.  We will provide snacks and tea and lemonade. 

For more information, call SITA President, Audra Anderson 618-559-8020. 

Egyptian Cup


 Friday evenings in the Spring

2 men/2 women form a team


4 doubles matches will make up the match.  

Round 1: 2 Mixed Doubles Matches

Round 2:  1 Women's Doubles and 1 Men's Doubles.  

Scoring format is the Fast4: • 2 sets played to 4 games, tiebreaker to 5 points played at 4-4.  No 3rd set. • No-ad scoring. • Winning team is the team that wins the most sets.

SUBS are allowed for free 1x, after that, subs pay $5

REGISTER before you play your first match!

COST:  $25/player

Must have 4 players but suggest having 5-6 players on team total to account for needing subs some weekends.

2019 Adult Team Tennis Player Info


Match Schedule

 (All matches begin @1:30pm, Warmup should be completed prior to 1:30pm) 

  • Sept 8:       Team Sanford @ Team Bayles- CCHS 

(Sanford Won 4-3)

  • Sept 8:       Team Buys @ Team Boyer- Herrin Sports Complex

(Boyer Won 4-3)

Sept. 15:    Team Boyer @ Team Sanford - CCHS

  (Sanford Won 4-3)

  • Sept. 15:    Team Bayles @ Team Buys   - CCHS

(Bayles wins 4-3) 

  • Sept. 22:    Team Sanford @ Team Buys    - CCHS
  • Sept. 22:    Team Boyer @ Team Bayles- CCHS 

  • Sept. 29:   Team Bayles @ Team Sanford  - CCHS    
  • Sept. 29:   Team Boyer @ Team Buys    - CCHS

  • Oct. 6:       Team Sanford @ Team Boyer  - Herrin Sports Complex
  • Oct. 6:       Team Buys @ Team Bayles  - CCHS

  • Oct. 13:     Team Bayles @ Team Boyer  - Herrin Sports Complex
  • Oct. 13:     Team Buys @ Team Sanford  - CCHS   

  • Oct. 20:     SITA Tournament - All Teams @ CCHS  (1:30, 3:30pm)

Team Standings as of 9/17

Sanford 2-0

Bayles 1-1

Boyer 1-1

Buys 0-2

Tournament Info

The Regular Season Champions will receive a Traveling Trophy to keep for the year!  The Tournament Champions and Runners Up will receive 1st and 2nd place medals for each of their registered team members.