Fall Tennis Camps

Fall Break Juniors Camp



Ages 5-14 All Levels  

Oct. 12, 13, 14, 2019 

Friday session moved to Monday (rain)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday


$95 for 3 day camp

Or $35 per day if doing only 1 or 2 days.

@SIU Law School Courts (Sat)

@Carbondale High School (Sun & Mon)

•Kids will work on developing proper strokes, footwork, hand-eye coordination, and proper technique.

  • Daily Camp Schedule includes Warmup and Footwork, Stroke & Strategy development, Team Match Play, followed by Competitive Group Games.  
  • Discount for families with 2 or more kids.
  • Camper of the day awards and giveaways for all the kids from the USTA!

Serving Analysis Camp



Camp 1:  Friday, Oct. 11 & Wednesday, Oct. 16


Camp 2:  Monday, Oct. 21, & Wednesday, Oct. 23


$64 for 2-day camp

  We will use a camera to video your serve and let you see it frame by frame with tennis software with the capabilities to pause in certain positions. You will get to see your slow motion serve next to a pro player with a similar service motion. The hour will be a combination of studying your video and the pro's and practicing good mechanics to make your serve faster, effortless and effective. The 2nd day we will continue to enforce these check points and again check the video analysis from a different angle.

Well worth the money!  This visual will stick with you to help you get rid of bad habits.